FC Judd Home Studio

The Practical Electronica documentary film runs for 61 minutes and is available to hire for screenings. Made without funding and taking almost 2 years to assemble, it sets out to capture the essence of FC Judd's tape recording world and his position in early British electronic music.
Please contact Ian to organise a screening.

Next Screening at:
Limoges, France, April 16th

Expanding on Fred's legacy, the Public Information label have assembled a various artists compilation album Interpretations on FC Judd released May 2013. This includes Ian's collage electronic track Solid States. youtube

The Practical Electronica exhibition brought together machines and sounds created by Ian, and used in the making of the documentary. Alongside items of Fred Juddrabilia, including books, magazines and records, were Ian's collages, a modified television, and an interactive stereophonic sound generator the Hellimatic - a remodelled 1960s exercise machine. Phoenix Brighton, Nov. 19th-Dec. 18th, 2011. Watch the Practical Exhibition film here










This extensive research and film project setting out to explore the various facets of Fred Judd's career, focusses on his
electronic music and the period from the mid-1950s to the early 70s. It puts him in context amongst the experimental
tape recording of his day, in which he played a high profile role in its dissemination to amateur tape clubs and the public
at large.

Ian searched through and documented Fred's personal tape and cine film collection, and initiated the deposit
of all the recorded material with the British Library Sound Archive. Fascinating sound and film discoveries have been
made which reveal Fred's forays into electronic music, including background and recordings of his self-built synthesizer from
1963, and a whole standard 8mm reel of Chromasonics footage circa 1962. Chromasonics was his system for the
visualisation of electronic sound, and the film, with a soundtrack of Tom Dissevelt music, is a hitherto lost piece of
abstract film history. This was screened in its entirety at Phoenix Brighton, November 26th 2011.

To coincide with the documentary, a cd release, Electronics Without Tears has gathered together as much as possible
of Fred's experimental recordings, and Ian has collaborated closely with record label, Public Information, to bring the album
to fruition in 2012. Fred's equipment and some of his compositions remain lost, and the search for information
continues - anyone with useful facts regarding this and any early British electronic music, please contact Ian.
Visit this dedicated Judd-site to find out more about Fred.

Practical Electronica has so far screened at:
Monomania Festival, Cambridge March 8th, 2014.
York Spring Festival of New Music -
University of York, May 11th, 2013.
Dear Serge - The De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, April 20th.
Pioneers of Electronic Music
Hackney Picturehouse, March 17th. www.nonclassical
Hogeschool Gent - School of Arts
- Ghent, Belgium, January 10th, 2013.
Festival OFNI - Cinéma Le Dietrich, Poitiers, France, November 16th, 2012.
KinoKulture - Oswestry, Shropshire, November 1st.
L'Etrange Festival - Paris, September 9th.
Meantime - Cheltenham, August 31st.
Monorail Film Club - Glasgow Film Theatre, August 26th.
Summerhall Festival - Edinburgh, August 24th.
Open City Docs Fest - London, June 24th.
Star and Shadow, Newcastle, May 31st
Passos Manuel - Porto, Portugal, May 25th
Islington Mill, Salford, May 2nd.
What the Eye Sees - documentary strand at The Cube cinema, Bristol, March 22nd.
Scheld'apen! - Antwerp, March 9th.
Audiolab12 - soundEcology - the Language of Place, Sound, Art and Environment, The Kingcombe Centre Dorset, March 2nd.
The Wire Salon at Cafe Oto - London, February 9th, 2012.
The Barbican - first London showing - Barbican Cinema 1, November 25th, 2011.
Cinecity - Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton, the UK premiere, Cinecity film festival. November 20th.
Cork Film Festival - the world premiere at this long established festival. November 9th, 2011.



FC Judd studio equipment in the early 1960s

ATR 1962 featuring Chromasonics.
Fred Judd was editor during the 1960s.






FC Judd Field Recording
ATR July 1963

..... usic

Practical Electronica is an hour long experimental documentary aiming to uncover the largely overlooked work of Fred Judd, and was made with the full cooperation of his widow Freda. It avoids the hackneyed talking head on video approach, and in fact contains no interviews. The film instead revolves around archive footage and stills, animation and experimental video techniques, and attempts to capture the essence of the period in which Fred was most active with electronic music.

His life included an early and abiding interest in radio and communications, RAF service in WW2, the establishing of his home electronic studio in the 1950s, and continued writing about radio, tape recording and electronics throughout his career.
His contribution to the sci-fi puppet series Space Patrol, which first aired in 1963, is the first on British TV to feature a complete electronic score for each episode. His music and sound effects are integral to the atmosphere, and were created with tape manipulation and electronic tone generators.

For the documentary soundtrack, Ian has created reel to reel tape loops and used his own self-built tone generators, the Hellitrons, to punctuate and underscore the narration.