Tape Leaders - A Compendium of Early British Electronic Music Composers - for the past 3 years Ian has been researching and writing this ambitious book which is due for publication early 2015. The A-Z is designed as an essential reference guide to British based composers who created experimental work with electronics and tape - concentrating on the formative electronic music period during the 1950s and 60s. The aim is to document every serious composer and as many amateurs as possible, who created an experimental tape piece up to 1970, and thus tell the hidden story of early British electronic music.

Sound Workshop - a one day practical session led by Ian focussing on basic analogue electronic music techniques using hands on tools and equipment. Each student makes tape loops, cuts up and sticks sound patterns onto 16mm film, builds a noise generator kit and creatively solders a walkie talkie circuit.
£55 per person, all materials and cups of tea provided. Ideal for beginners, the workshop will run on a saturday 11-6pm at Helliwell Hq in central Brighton, and can cater for 2 students each time. Anyone interested in doing this, please contact Ian directly to arrange a mutually agreeable date.

Check Ian's Wikipedia entry here:
wikipedia Ian_Helliwell

Hellifilms - to hire a selection of Ian's shorts please check the film page and get in contact. Also have a look on either the LUX or Light Cone websites. lightcone/filmmaker-ian-helliwell

Electronic music and films - a live set and experimental shorts from Ian, plus performances by Simon James, Trying to Kill Me and Adam Cobell. Phoenix Brighton, 10th October.
Ian played a solo set and screened some of his short films, sharing a bill with John Hiom and Simon James, at The Round Georges Pub, Brighton, 31st May.
Live performance using 5 Hellitron tone generators and the Hellisizer 1000 - at Club Integral, The Others in Stoke Newington, London, Friday, 23rd May.
Helliwell article for the Wire magazine appeared in the April issue 362 - the 3rd in an occasional series examining overlooked aspects of early British electronic music history. The piece, Early DIY Synthesists looked at the Practical Electronics magazine synthesizer home construction projects in the 1970s, and how experimental music pursuits were picked up by hobbyists galvanised into action through building their own synths. The role of composer Malcolm Pointon was discussed, and Ian has compiled an anthology of his electronic music for the Public Information label.
Ian presented a screening of
Practical Electronica at the Monomania Festival, Cambridge, 8th March.
Punto y Raya 2014 - the worlds most abstract film festival hosted a fantastic line up of contemporary abstract shorts, with 7 programmes of international entries from around the world. Ian's At the Glitterball screened in programme 2 showing at Harpa - the Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Center. 30th January - 2nd Feb, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Split Screening short film programme received its premiere during the Cinecity film festival at the Basement, Brighton, 24th November.
Jukebox Fury: The Assassination of JFK - for this ambitious 50th anniversary multi-media event, Ian assembled the programme in conjunction with the Brighton Cinecity film festival. He made a new paper cut-out collage, a short film and a new piece of electronic music, and worked with puppeteer Teresa Grimaldi, cartoonist Fraser Geesin, and vocalist/poet Vicky Fenlon on several performance, image and sound based pieces. The event included Ian's Kennedy Johnson found footage film, a recreation of the assassination with puppetry, a soundtrack to accompany a reading of JG Ballard text, and a special tape loop installation. Basement, Brighton, 22nd November.
Helliwell live performance and screening of films by Ian in Oslo, organised by nyMusikk, with a matinee live electronics set at Oslo Central railway station, and performance with his Hellitrons and short films at the Kunsthall Oslo in the evening. 20th November. nymusikk
Constellation - Art Music/Music Art - included a new piece of Helliwell electronic music to accompany slide projections in a church interior by Chris McKeeman - as part of the Whitley Arts Festival. St. Mary's Minster, Reading, 25th October.
Scratch screening - included 18 Helliwell short films from the early 1990s up to premieres of new films from 2013. University of Aberdeen, 21st September.
Mute Sound - mixed shorts programme of recent experimental work including 2 films by Ian. Clore Studio, South London Gallery, 7th August.
Interpretations on FC Judd - album launch with live sets by contributors Karen Gwyer, Pye Corner Audio and Ian. Islington Mill, Salford, 30th May.
Great Escape festival - matinee show with live Hellisizer set from Ian, organised by Resonance FM at Brighthelm Centre, Brighton, 17th May.
York Spring Festival of New Music - 5 day festival featured a screening of Practical Electronica + Experimental Amateurs + Tristram Cary's Trios + a Hellisizer demo and talk by Ian. University of York, 11th-12th May. yorkspringfestival 2013 events
Dear Serge - all dayer featured a screening of Practical Electronica + tape loop making workshop + interactive Helli-machines + live performance with various Hellitrons and Hellisizers. The event included Spirit of Gravity improvisations and Ron Geesin headlining. De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, 20th April.
Pioneers of Electronic Music
- included a screening of Practical Electronica and a performance of Tristram Cary's 1971 Synthi/dice piece Trios. Hackney Picturehouse, 17th March. www.nonclassical
Get Set - Ian's 2005 abstract Letraset film, screened in an excellent programme including work by Richter, Duchamp, Eggeling, Fischinger, Breer, Whitney and Cecile Fontaine. Musee D'Art Moderne Andre Malraux, Le Havre, France. 13th February.
Alien Jams interview - podcast of this hour long show featuring Ian's electronic music plus an interview with Alien Jams supremo Chloe Frieda. Ian discussed some of his projects and demonstrated various Helli-machines, and the programme was rounded off with a selection of some of his recent tracks. 13th January, 2013.
Experimental Amateurs - a film programme of shorts from the 1950s to the present, made by DIY filmmakers. Cinecity Film Festival, Brighton University, November 28th. cine-city experimental-amateurs
Cafe Oto, London, 3rd December, 2012. cafeoto experimental-amateurs