Circuit Building

Ian has been making music in home studios since his early teens and has created over 120 solo pieces - some with guitar, bass, drums tape loops and radio, and the bulk featuring his self built electronic tone generators - the Hellitrons. All his short films feature electronic sound, and occasionally he has been commissioned to make music for specific projects - his Brighton Marina time lapse soundtrack was made for Peacock and McClave's series of 3D shorts. animateprojects
Only a small number of his tracks have been properly released - these appear on limited compilation albums listed below, while the rest await an outlet from the vaults at Helliwell-Hq.
Since the start of the 1990s Ian has been pursuing his own techniques with creative soldering through intuitive electronics, and has built an impressive range of Hellitron tone generators which he uses to create his film soundtracks. He has also developed more sophisticated synth units - the Hellisizer series - which includes the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, Compact and Junior models.
The performance version 'Hellisizer 2000' - designed from scratch and
8 months in construction, made its live debut in September 2007, and formed part of Ian's
Music, Movies & Machines exhibition and 2008 film. music-movies-machines
It can also be heard on the soundtracks to The Atomium Age and EMS 8.
Watch a video
excerpt with a Hellisizer soundtrack here: AtomiumAge

hiSS Vol.1
- a compilation of 4 substantial electro-acoustic works including Ian's
Convergence. Listen to the complete track here:

Explanations and inside info on Ian`s history and working methods:

Available recordings:
Retuned - 7" single designed as a taster for the Interpretations on FC Judd compilation, featuring extracts of tracks interwoven with Ian's tape loops and radio sounds. (Public Information, 2013)
Interpretations on FC Judd
- compilation album using Fred Judd as a starting point for new electronic music, featuring Ian's piece Solid States.
(Public Information, 2013)
- a compilation of works from a variety of sound artists first deployed on an internet broadcast channel set up by Brighton outfit Finetuned. This handsome double cd set features Ian's piece Sand And Cement, alongside tracks by 16 other contributors. (Finetuned, 2007)
Workshop of the World - 41 track double cdr retrospective featuring music recorded on cassette 4-track from 1991-99, including pieces for guitar, bass, drums, tape loops, radio, synthesizer and self-built tone generators (Superbo, 2005)
Transitions 4 Ep –
4 track vinyl 7inch on Lefta Records, sponsored by the Avanto Festival in Helsinki. Electronic music created with Helliwell's customised circuits, including the soundtrack to ‘The Post Office Tower’. (LEFTA 012, 2001) .
New York NY –
film soundtrack on ‘Sonic Postcards’ compilation cd. (SANCD01, 2001)
Electron Guns – ‘Saturation’.
6 track cd by Helliwell`s electro-acoustic group featuring tape loops, electronics, violin, cornet and percussion. (TRIODE 1, 2001)
Into The Light –
electronic music soundtrack on ‘Avanto 00’ compilation cd. (Avanto, 2000)

Hellitron Generators
Hellisizer 2000