Analogue Sound Workshop

The Analogue Sound Workshop – ideal for beginner, student and enthusiast – is designed as a stimulating one day course introducing hands-on techniques for making electronic music. With so much locked inside the computer and activated by clicks of a mouse, much of the physical interaction and old style methods have been lost. This workshop is a way into exploring vintage but still useful equipment and procedures, and is carried out in Ian’s flat in central Brighton, surrounded by his gadgets and Helli-machines.

The workshop will run on a given Saturday 11am-6pm at Helliwell Hq, and can cater for 2 students each time; £55 per person. Please email: to arrange a mutually agreeable date.

In September 2019 two diligent participants from the world of film and TV, immersed themselves in the ASW for a most enjoyable day of electronic activities.