Analogue Sound Workshop

The Analogue Sound Workshop – ideal for beginner, student and enthusiast – is designed as a stimulating one day course introducing hands-on techniques for making electronic music. With so much locked inside the computer and activated by clicks of a mouse, much of the physical interaction and old style methods have been lost. This workshop is a way into exploring vintage but still useful equipment and procedures, and is carried out in Ian’s flat in central Brighton, surrounded by his gadgets and Helli-machines. All materials provided – no previous experience necessary.

The workshop will run on a given Saturday 11am-6pm at Helliwell Hq, and can cater for 2 students each time; £55 per person. Concessions are available for anyone on a low income.
To arrange a mutually agreeable date please email:

As part of preparation for the BBC Arena film, Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and the Legendary Tapes, in September 2019 two diligent participants from the world of film and TV, immersed themselves in the ASW for a most enjoyable day of electronic activities.

Generously sharing his years of practice and expertise, surrounded by self-constructed sound generating devices and inspiring collage and visual art pieces, Ian passionately provides an introduction to the lost world of analogue tape looping and manipulation, along with an initiation into the potential for hacking circuit boards and electronic found objects and toys, soldering different components and outputs to unleash new sonic possibilities.
I learned so much and particularly enjoyed engaging with physical materials and hands-on making, after feeling buried for so long trying to master relentless developments in software programs and screen based creative applications. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest in the various fields of sound design, video, film and audio production.

Ian Hockaday, ASW participant, 26th March, 2022.